Where to Find A Universal Roof Box


So you need more storage in your car? Maybe it is time to consider getting a universal roof box. But where would you get one and which one is best? Well, this probably would not surprise that many people at this point, but you can find almost anything at Amazon or Walmart.

Still one sticks out in particular. It is by Malone. It is advertised as universal and that it fits nearly every side rail out there. Whether you are looking to transport a Christmas tree or a canoe…it can hold up to 132 lbs. It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer…although it is rust resistant, so it should last you for years.

The only drawbacks is…note I said it is advertised as universal. You should still double check that it will fir your vehicle before ordering. This can be done at maloneautoracks.com/fitguide, Also, there have been complaints that this universal roof box is a bit noisy. That is probably livable for most people, but I believe in being thorough.